About Us

KTC Tools is a manufacturing company based in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. With an experience of more than 35 years in the field and third generation in manufacturing of try squares and steel rulers, we have established ourselves as a reliable brand of Try Squares, Steel Rulers, and other measuring tools and hand tools.

We are known for the quality of the product. Our products are crafted from the best quality raw material and experienced craftsmanship. The finished products go through a process of quality check to match the defined quality standards. After all, what we build is used in building dreams of others i.e. houses, furniture and buildings.

Our Brands

KTC Logo

KTC is the brand that offers the best quality Try Squares, Engineer’s Square, Steel Rulers, and other measuring tools in India. KTC came from the company name Kundan Trading Company which was started in the year 1993. 

With KTC, we are committed to delivering the premium quality products in the Indian market.  

KUNDAN is the oldest brand of ours and a very renowned brand of try square and measuring tools in the Indian market. With the history tracing back to 1980s, KUNDAN has been a brand in very high demand in the market since then.

The name KUNDAN came from the person who started this brand and the manufacturing of try square, Sh. Kundan Lal. Now. Now, the third generation of Sh. Kundan Lal, Sh. Jai Kishan Verma is running this business under the name KTC Tools.

Kundan Trademark

This brand gives a “Kick” to the segment of the market that needs quality within an affordable range. This brand was started in 2014 with a perspective of serving the buyers interested in medium-range priced products. The products are built with the same craftsmanship as our premium brand is.

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